Quality first

The main area of business for NOXTEEL Sp. z o.o. is production and distribution of original appliances and products manufactured in a production plant in Bielsko-Biała (Poland).

The machine park we own, and our technical personnel’s competences enable us to prepare original designs and constructions, and to produce high quality appliances and components to provide the highest quality and user’s satisfaction. The company also provides services of processing and welding of stainless steels.

CHOOSE QUALITY – we use the highest quality austenitic steel.

APPRECIATE THE CONSTRUCTION – Polish technical concepts and Polish manufacture – what else do you need?

BE DISCERNING – our products are of Premium class

CREATE THE FUTURE – use our appliances every day and have a positive impact on environment, educate children and your neighbourhood, together we can achieve much more!



We produce original appliances of stainless steel. Our flagship product is the NOXTEEL Crusher – designed for crushing used drink containers (PET, alu, cardboard).


Designing appliance’s construction and components.

Welding stainless steels with the use of a TIG method.

Installing elements. Steel processing.